Case Studies

There are many reasons why you should choose us, including professional service at an affordable price by highly experienced and qualified staff. However, one of the other benefits of choosing us is that we analyse your business processes and recommend innovative ways to improve your internal controls and processes. The case studies below, provide some examples of the type of value add we have provided to our clients, resulting in saving them time and money and thereby allowing them to focus more on their greatest strength- running their business.


Wholesale Business

The client approached us for some assistance with their cash flow problems. When we analysed their debtor management process we found it to be time consuming and ineffective resulting in us implementing some process improvements. The client’s process involved getting customers to sign on a copy of the invoice (upon delivery of the goods) and filing these in date order in a filing cabinet. Statements would then be sent at the end of the month when they would then call up the customer for payment. The most common response from their customers was “We don’t have that invoice in our system so please send us a proof of delivery (POD)”. Our client would then go through the files to find the POD and fax this to their customers. The client was clearly wasting valuable time doing this.

Our solution to saving the client time and money was to scan the signed invoices into a Dropbox folder and save it under the respective customer’s folder. At the end of the month when the client sends the statement and calls the customer, if the customer does not have the POD, it is simply a matter of attaching the POD from the Dropbox folder in an email and sending it to the customer. The collection process was thereby automated resulting in an improved cash flow for the client.


Construction Business

The client had a large volume of purchase invoices and their purchase order approval process was manual resulting in a lot of time being wasted on data entry and approval.

We introduced EchoSign through which the purchase orders get sent online to the directors for approval resulting in an automation of the purchase order approval process. We also implemented Invitbox for the purchase invoices which meant all the purchase invoices get sent to Invitbox (an online automatic data-extraction mailbox for receipt, approval and storage of supplier bills) and once the directors approve the invoices online they get uploaded into the cloud based accounting program making accounts payable processing simple. By automating the whole process and eliminating the need for manual paper handling, we saved the client valuable time and costs allowing them to focus on their greatest strength- growing their business.